ElectricTGH-21_well link

Electric griddle for restaurant,TGH-21


TGH-21 Electric Full Flat Griddle
Voltage: 220-240V / 50Hz
Power: 5 Kw
Weight: 43 Kg
Dimensions: 600*600*350 mm
Griddle plate size: 536*330*16 mm
Griddle plate thickness: 16 mm
Material: Stainless Steel

1. Iron plate thickness is 12 mm of griddle cooker.
2. Well link China Grill heating is not like the ordinary griddle’s thermal transmission, the preheat time is shorter than ordinary griddles, it increase speed by 30%, and energy-efficient perfectly.
3. Well Link China griddle doesn’t have the wearing parts, so you won’t worry alway change the heating tube.
4. Can accurate temperature control. No afterheat when power off. you can adjust the power level, to Reducing waste of energy, and it has heat preservation function to ensure the fresh food.

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