C250+H18-2_Well Link Dish washer

Double Cylinder and Double Spreay Tunnel Type Dishwasher,C250+H18


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Technical parameters:

The largest washing capacity:250 Basket/hour
Supportive table number:1500 Seats
Washing cycle:20/S/Basket/(Adjustable)
Washing height:400 MM
Single basket water consumption:3 L
Cleaning cylinder capacity:280 L
High temperature cylinder capacity:30 L
Cleaning cylinder power:15 KW/H
High temperature cylinder power:27 KW/H
Dry power:22 KW/H
Total power:68.5 KW/H
Power requirements:380VAC/5N
Overall dimensions (length x width x height):4000 x 810 x 1830 MM

Optional accessories:
A、Dirty desk(entrance working desk of dishwasher)
B、Clean dish desk (exit working desk of dishwasher)
C、High pressure water faucet
D、Double pump dispenser
E、Dish-washing basket
F、Specified detergent for dishwasher, specified drier for dishwasher

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