Rotary Oven WL-RO16

Multifuction industrial oven price,32trays,Electric,WL-RO32E


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32-pan Electric Hot Converter
Voltage: 380V
Power: 58KW
Dimension: 1600x2600x2500 mm
Note: Have spray device
Material: All 201S/S

1. Easy operation, labor saving and just need one person, operating entire cart in and out.
2. Wide bakery range, available to baking moon cake, toast, hamburger, pies, bread series, western biscuit, flaky pastry or so.
3. Using burner from Japan, efficient energy-saving.
4. Control system partly using imported electronic elements from Germany and Japan, safe and durable, low breakdown rate.
5. Perfect design for furnace body structure, accordant color of bakery, awsome effects.
6. Great output, can roast 32 plates, with these merit of high-efficiency and high cost-effective.

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