French moulding machine15.4

French baguettes moulder,commercial and industrial style WL-BM750

Model: WL-BM750

Max. dough weight:50~1250g

Pure wool belt from France
5-10 seconds per moulding
Low noise


Product Introduction


The baguette moulder is used to make dough into the shape of stick so as to produce French baguette. It can make the dough into different sizes weighted from 50g to 1250g. The working efficiency of our machine is 1200 pieces/hour


Product Features


1. The conveyer belt of the machine is imported from France.

2. The imported wool belt is of high quality with longer service life. Therefore, the dough produced is more delicate.

3. The roller of the baguette moulder is made of high quality stainless steel. The dough shaped has good precision in size.

4. There a button to adjust the space between the rollers. The button is durable with anti-skidding performance.

french bread moulder


french moulding machine


WL Bagutte molder

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