WL-EP1A Electric pizza oven

Electric Pizza Oven,Baking Area 600*600*150mm,WL-EP1A


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Dimensions: 910X790X430mm
Chamber size:600X600X150mm
Volts: 220V/50Hz
Temperature controler:600°C


1.Boracic board inner. This board can absorb quantity of heat quickly with good atomization to make pizza outstanding.

2.Individual thermostats in every layer. Freewill even temperature controller. The max temperature is 550°C. Energy saving.

Noted: Nomal export standar Pizza oven temperature controler, their max temperature is 500°C.Every controler have the max limited. Their really heating control can’t reach 500°C.The max only be 400°C.
Please choose the really 500°C pizza oven



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