1tank juice machine

Commercial Juicer Dispenser Cooler,18L,WL-J18LX1

Cooling power:200 W
Cooling temperature:7-12°C
Net weight:20KGS
Gross weight:23KGS
Machine size:445*345*700MM
Carton packing:470*360*740MM

1.All the parts using in fruit cooling machine are environment friendly
2.CE certification passed.
3.High quality compressor lead to cooling & heating fast and stable
( cooling & heating during 25—45mins)
4.fruit cooling machine with stainless iron panel complete mirror design
5.All the part inside fruit cooling machine welding by copper tube , in order to Avoid rust
6.WL cold drink machine divided into cool & hot , cooling only , heating only
7.Stirring and Spraying design
8.One , two and three 18L tank to choose
9.The 18L tank is made of PC (Polycarbonate) material which is high/low temperature resistance, unbreakable, innoxiously, antifoaming, good flexibility and removable.
10.Cold drink machine is low noise ,cooling fast.

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